Time management

Effective_Time_Management_Start_with_Clear_Vision_and_GoalsAs we begin our look at time management, it only makes sense to start with the end in mind. Why is that important? Simply put – if you do not have a clear vision or goals in life or in business – then time management really becomes pointless.Developing the right mindset and proper attitude sets the stage for creating effective time management habits and disciplines. Many of us feel chaos in our lives because we have not established the fundamental disciplines of time management. Some feel they are “cursed” with poor time management habits and have decided it’s a hopeless quest to change them. You have to first believe your situation can change and that you have the power to overcome your ingrained habits. Once you have a firm desire and make the conscious decision to get control of your time, you will then be open and prepared to learn and embrace the key disciplines and tools of effective time management. Time management, like any learned habit, typically will take at least three weeks to develop and then many months and years to refine until you master the discipline.”My opinion is the time you utilized in growth,the time you begin to earn.”Nowadays everybody consulting financial advisers to plan their own expenses but why don’t they develop their own skill in respect of time management.
Start with simple mobile
Avoid unwanted calls.
Avoid android applications which is eating up the biggest hours of life.
What is social media- it is only the major medium of making you poor.
Read inspirational books & survey the whole market related to your subject -it is ok if you read online.
Leaders speaks when they comes in form…so start your formation….start TIME MANAGEMENT.