Interior Designers in Ulhasnagar

Interior Designers in Ulhasnagar

Interior Designers in Ulhasnagar

Interior Designers in Ulhasnagar and areas surrounding Thane.

  • Personalized consultation Services

Our team of designers will visit your site and offer complete guidance of what type of design will render your house an exceptional look. Right from inception to conceptualization and developing the interiors our team will ensure to work in tandem with the clients. Before starting the actual interior works, we offer a close personalized consultation to our clients, wherein our designers will note down what does the customer expect, what are the changes they would like to make and whether they want to add on any other technologies like smart homes and other such detailing.

  • Smart utilization of Space

For a space to look big or small a lot depends on the type of interiors and designs one opts for. Our group of interior designers ensures to make proper use of space and turn it into a paradise.  Using the right blend of techniques and designs our designers give the perfect enhancement for the place utilizing the space with finesse.

  • Supervision through each phase

Our team of professionals offers class site supervision in every phase coordinating with clients and ensuring the work is completed in lines of their requirement. Throughout the project, we provide hassle-free and friendly execution of the work by choosing the right material for each work.

  • Service and Maintenance

Our work is not limited to conceptualizing and developing designs alone but deem to offer the perfect work of craftsmanship to our clients. Thus, we render timely service and maintenance even after the completion of the project.

  • Automation and Smart Services

Delecon Design Company are top players offering Automation and Smart Home services rendering the latest technologies blending with modern amenities. These include connecting different devices using Wi-Fi and controlling each with the aid of smartphones and tab.

  • Facilitate Loan for Projects

Are you short of funds? Are you looking for loans to renovate your interiors? We at Delecon Design Company offer the additional service of facilitating loans for the project. We have tie-ups with top banks through which we aid our clients in availing easy loans.

Choosing the perfect interior designer can give a complete upliftment to the entire area. Thus, choose and leave the rest on us. If you too are looking for a complete makeover for your commercial, residence or office space contact us now. It will be our pleasure to serve you.

Interior Designers in Mumbai

Interior Designers in Mumbai

Interior Designers in Mumbai, Now join us for the best placement in interiors from Mumbai & Navi Mumbai.Our project categorized from Commercial to residential needs.With 100% designing output we consider 100% quality & 100%time management. With us space is always reserved for those who consider their 100% role in designs that’s it.

Interior Designers in Mumbai

We are not looking any past records like big profiled resume in respects of adding more salary, we judge person with his real & innovative talent regrading his depth knowledge of planning & design possibilities. Decorating a house or decorating a commercial property, Interior designers take care of all paramount important things. Interior decoration makes the place more amicable.

We never stopped any hand if it is raised in right directions. So join our hand together with us.

Interior Designers in Mumbai

I believe in one principle.

Do good for all the good reasons till you achieve it.”

Dir.Rajveer Sharma,





Development of society and complex architecture had paved a room for interior designing and decoration. In our country, we have the best examples of Interior designing, decorations and architecture even from the medieval period. Pursuit for the effective use of resources, budget and space, Interior designers play a vital role for any sort of construction. Nowadays even Interior designing is an intrusive part of building construction, which starts from the day of laying foundation of a building and then Interior decoration make it livable and furnished.


Interior Designing is a science, which does magic in an architect and enhances the interior of a building by understanding functional spaces within a building and then Interior decoration helps to achieve jaw dropping aesthetics and environment of a place.  Interior Decoration plays a major role from acoustics to lightning, placement of different objects to the wall paintings, color of different rooms to furniture designs etc.  Interior Decoration is a powerful tool which collates all the elements of a place to create stylish aesthetics altogether. An Interior designer takes note of all minute details and overall gives a life to concrete structure. By taking care of the psychological effect of different color, needs and requirements of the owner, budget, and space management, Interior designers model up the whole structure.


Interior Designer in Chembur

Interior Designer in Chembur

Interior Designer in Chembur, Interior Designing firm lays emphasis on bespoke interior designing and exclusive product designing to compliment. Interior designing is not just a combination of some objects placed superficially giving a lavish look but it’s an art which is learnt by utmost dedication and hard work. The Designer combines different culture, colors and crafts to give sophisticated and contemporary arrangement in high quality. Every single day in designing is a new day where the artisans create innovative, exotic and extraordinary trends for any place.

Interior Designer in Chembur

It starts from the construction and ends at complete furnishing bringing comfort and functionality to their clients. A strong passion to develop beautiful ‘tomorrows’ for others by helping them a beautiful space to live in is the mantra of designers’.

Best Interior Designers In Kharghar


The cozy living room, with contemporary furniture, looks inviting. Sofas in dark gray, decorated with cushions in light shades that stand out against that dark background, and a clear glass coffee table placed atop a white rug come together to create a pleasant atmosphere to share with family and friends.


The large and modern black and white kitchen is accompanied by a dark wooden dining room table in the same style, creating a perfect set.

Wooden staircases with metal railings, done in a very modern style, take us to the second level. There, the Master bedroom shows a sober and welcoming décor. Strong tones in contrast with white walls create a wonderful space that invites relaxation.

Types of Interior Design

interior designers in navi mumbau

Types of Interior Design

interior designers in mumbai

Classic Design: – The word mostly resemble heritage & royal types in its design form. Classic designs are inspired from different history of various kingdoms. Yes but classic designs are expensive in creation as most of them of handmade like store cladding & stone inlay, like wood carvings & glass molding etc. Such pleasant classic designs clearly represent the V.I.P. culture of royal & rich families. We are ensuring to reach all world class designs with our effort. Our 12 years of practice in interior design gives optimum & pleasant touch in designs.


interior designers in navi mumbau

Modern Design: – It is the most special as, I always love to make it. It maintains the fresh & elegant modern look in designs. Modern design practice in interior is more in demand due to its easy construction & installations. Any interior if it is delicately delivered in modern form will always be the best choice. We at DELECON are top Interior designers in Navi Mumbai making huge success in delivering modern forms of more than 100 successful modern residential project. Our professional ways of working gives all clear thought  about in making all modern designs.

best interior designers in navi mumbai

best interior designer in kharghar

Modern Design: – In this the design revolution becomes the major in design & details. The futuristic designs in interior are nothing but massing of furniture shapes in curves of all cross patterned & different shapes in design . Futuristic forms are very rare in practice. In short futuristic designs are 100% customized which is very optimistic & for selected ones only. Such designs needs to be constructed dedicatedly on site & it can’t be achieved  without hard effort by designers.  Our certain projects very well appreciated for futuristic modern designs.

interior designers in ghatkopar

affordable interior designs
best interior designers of Ghatkopar    

DELECON DESIGN COMPANY is a renown turnkey consultants & a decade experienced standpoint of professionals to give their output & effort in Commercial, Residential & Hospitality Interior projects. The principle designer Rajveer Sharma assuring of better services with complete project planning & design consultancy. Now after a pride & successful journey of last 10 years we have build many residential & commercial space for the top class business people & well known professionals. Our passion is is to create smooth, aesthetic & functional design for everyday spaces. We focus our design skill & intelligence to make the ordinary to extra ordinary. We are available all over in India to attend our clients for smooth operation in given job.

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Mumbai’s best residential Interior designers



Interior designers in Mumbai

Sober & fine lines are only the design idea for this bedroom
space theme design for a kids bedroom
Nicely played for two 12 & 15 years girls bedroom
Big in size & fine in minimal design. This was the idea behind designing this particular bedroom.
Modern themed bed with warm wooden flooring & bold looking furniture
Lines are only the the design idea for this modern designed bedroom
ceiling designs for bedroom
Shapes makes sense in bedrooms.This bedroom is different in pattern & looks
Sometime a single tone material plays great in design. Majorly dark veneer & dark wooden flooring wins your heart
Nice Bedroom designs
Sometime a single tone material plays great in design. Majorly dark veneer & dark wooden flooring wins your ,heart Interior designers in Mumbai, Best interior designers in Mumbai, Residential Interior designers in Mumbai,Office interior designers in Mumbai

Delecon™ Design Company

Residential interior designers in Navi Mumbai

Residential Interior Designers in Navi Mumbai

Residential interior designers in Navi Mumbai

Delecon Design is one of the premier names in the interior designing industry. We have earned this name and fame with our distinguishing work towards our clients. We are one of the top consulting firm providing end to end solutions for Commercial Interiors, Residential Interiors and Hospitality Interiors. Our designs are vastu compliant, so as to provide maximum results to our clients. Known as the best interior designers in Mumbai and Navi mumbai, we have created 100+ interiors for Residential, Commercial, Retail and hospitality interior.

Residential interior designers in Navi Mumbai


The demand of customized interior designing has seen a phenomenal growth in India. The robust growth of Commercial, Residential, Hospitality and retail sector has added gloss to the interior designing industry. Interior designing, landscape designing and furniture designing has seen a growth of 12% growth last year. “With the increase in disposable income and exposure to better lifestyle, more and more Indians are moving towards high end interior designing solutions.”- says, Mr. Rajveer Sharma, Director at Delecon Designs, a leading Navi Mumbai Interior designer.

Delecon designs was established to provide best interior designing solutions at an affordable cost. Delecon designs has a unique approach to satisfy the clients need. Every client is different and they understand this well. This helps them to deliver interiors that are world class. Their clientele includes Commercial Interiors, Residential Interiors and Hospitality Interiors. Commercial Interiors includes- retail, office and restaurant design. Residential Interior includes- Flat Design, Duplex Design, Row House design and suite design. They are known as the best Vastu compliant interior designer in India.

Delecon have been serving national and international clients since 2008. Their portfolio includes plush hotels (hospitality industry), retail industry, manufacturing companies, IT companies, banking and insurance companies. Domains such as residential, Real Estate, education institutions and government sporadically use their interior designing services.

Architecture and interior designing has seen a tremendous demand in Mumbai. Areas like South Bombay, Dadar, Bandra, Andheri were always looking for the reliable interior designing solutions. Upcoming areas like Vashi, Kharghar, Thane have the equal demand. There is a need to fell the demand supply gap, which can be done by giving exemplary quality at a low cost.

“Interior designing solutions are usually viewed as an expensive thing in our country. Designing is an underused activity kept limited to big business, thus leaving most of the mid-sized and small business away from it. We are committed to change this perspective. We want every business and every individual to live in their dream house/company by providing them low cost interior designing solutions”, says Mr. Rajveer.

The company’s foundation was established by Mr. Rajveer Sharma. He is Mumbai’s best residential Interior designers and director of Delecon Design Company. He is a renowned name in the industry for more than a decade and has in depth knowledge of space planning, design & antithetical visualizing of any space, industrial material & look over. He is deeply involved in the human scale analysis & interior ergonomics while designing any space. He has infused the firm’s creative work with a strong architectural sensibility. His fine tune ideas and great design solutions present the world class interior design, which the clients long for.

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interior designers in navi mumbai

interior designers of navi mumbai

Residential interior designers in Navi Mumbai

commercial interior designers navi mumbai

thane interior designing company navi mumbai

best interior designers in navi mumbai

Interior Designers in Delhi

Residential Interior Designers in Delhi
Residential Interior Designers in Delhi
Residential Interior Designers in Delhi


Interior Designing opportunity in the Heart of India Capital.

Old Delhi is completely filled up. Now extension came on Four side Ghaziabad,Noida & Gurgaon to control volume of population. 4th node is Faridabad.

Delhi is an ancient place to India & has its own value because of Indian history rises from this place only. If we talk about property rates near Delhi it is rises by 30 % average since past three year.

Its  is said to be right that Life style of Delhi is  too busy & nowadays people started spending lot on their life style & to maintaining their  leisure. If we focus on interior industry it is really vast & growing so well in Delhi.

As about our space we are highly in demand in Delhi too. Now we came up with good quality set up in capital too.

So please contact us for making beautiful apartment & offices.Please log on :